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themaraudersrpg's Journal

RPG: A Marauders Era
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~*~Welcome to the Marauders Era RPG!~*~
This is a role-playing community for all who love Harry Potter, especially the Marauders era. These are the past students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you will see a list of the alumini on the character list below. We are set in the 1970's, He Who Must Not Be Named is gaining more and more power- this is the lead up to the reign of terror. The year is 1975. The marauders are in their fifth year of Hogwarts. Please remember that for your character.

I am your mod queen_sinistra (a.k.a. puresexybella). If you have any queries, suggestions, flames (I like pain) then e-mail me at the address above. I hope in time we can make this a buzzing community, full of Marauder era life.


Before applying, please read the following information...


1) You must apply with your proper LJ username, and provide a link to your character journal so I can add both of them to the member list.
2) This community is strictly marauders era only. The characters do not know anything about the future, use your common sense.
3) If you make an OOC (Out Of Character) post, please put it under an LJ-cut.
4) If you make an OOC comment, remember to clearly label that you are doing so.
5) ONE character per person.
6) You MUST post or have a decent RP conversation at least once a week. Failure to do so will land you on the warning list. If you do not post within another two weeks you shall be deleted from the community and will have to reapply (note that your characters may be taken by the time you get back to us).
7) Do not badger the moderator. I will try to see to your applications as best as I can. Have paitence.
8) You CANNOT kill another character. You may hurt, injure, assault or argue with them, but you cannot kill any of the characters without the express permission of the user playing the character AND the mod.
9) R rated material is fine. If it offends you then don't join.
10) All entries are to be in friends only mode please.

(Please fill out this application form and paste it HERE.) A character list is located below.

LJ Username:

Character Username:

Character you wish to play:

Short Bio:

Please promote this community (link):

~*~CHARACTER LIST~*~ {un-listed characters may also be used, including originals... but please, no Mary-Sues.}

- James Potter
- Sirius Black : sirius_mischief (winter_noir)
- Remus Lupin : remus_werewolf (danii_ellie)
- Peter Pettigrew : x_wormtail_x (sam_can_do_it)
- Lily Evans : fierygreeneyes (mystical_pools)
- ???

- Severus Snape : 5nape (bekijane)
- Lucius Malfoy {graduated}
- Bellatrix Black : puresexybella (queen_sinistra)
- Narcissa Black : xnarcissablackx (minquette)
- Regulus Black
- Rodolphus Lestrange
- Rabastan Lestrange
- ???

- Andromeda Black
- ???


- Professor Dumbledore
- Professor McGonagall : m_mcg (barenakedalley)
- Hagrid
- Professor Flitwick
- Madam Pomfrey
- ???

- Madame Rosmerta
- Voldemort
- Black family members
- ???

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