Peter Pettigrew (x_wormtail_x) wrote in themaraudersrpg,
Peter Pettigrew

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Peter was in the library finishing his homework. Normally he never did this alone, but he wanted to prove to himself he could do his homework without help from the others. Unforetunately it took him nearly three times as long to finish. He just knew that Sirius and James were already going to be out doing something fun and he was going to be left out. He stuffed all his books and supplies into his bag and headed towards the Gryffindor common room. Hopefully he'd find his friends there; Peter didn't like being alone. When he was alone he could be attacked by one of those nasty Slytherins who wanted to get back at his friends by hexing him. He didn't get hexed when the rest of the Marauders are around.
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